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Developments and Prospects

1. Cooperate with the needs of the social economy and people's livelihood, and assist relevant government departments in the investigation, measurement and disaster prevention of landslides, earth and rock flow, crustal deformation, global positioning system, groundwater level and water quality, satellite information, regional geology, energy geology and active faults, and Personnel training.


2. Actively cooperate with the Ministry of Education's University Excellence Program and the National Science Council Research Program Grant, and purchase new key instruments for geochemistry, mineralogy and other interdisciplinary research, and develop key research projects in basic earth sciences.


3. Cooperate with the Ministry of Education to develop a world-class university and top research center project, and actively promote the "Earth Dynamic System Research Center".


4. To develop the new application technology areas for satellite information applications and disaster prevention with the human resources and related equipment of the "Satellite Geoinformation Research Center" and the "National Cheng Kung University Disaster Prevention Research Center".


5. Actively promote the signing of research or teaching cooperation agreements with internationally renowned academic institutions to expand international academic exchanges and collaborative research. Currently with the Japan 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE-21 program) - Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior (Okayama University, Japan), Philippine Institute of Volcanic and Seismological Research (Philippine Institute) of Volcanology and Seismology, Geodynamics Research Center (Ehime University, Japan), Department of Geology, Niigata University, Japan, University of Manchester, Earth and Atmosphere and Environmental Sciences Department (School of Earth, Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester, UK) and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA, signed a cooperation exchange agreement to establish close academic exchanges and Cooperative research relationship.