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Huai-Jen Yang(Chair &Professor)

Research Interests:Petrology, Geochemistry

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65429


Research Group:Laboratory of Inorganic Geochemistry

Chen-Feng You(Distinguished Professor)

Research Interests:Chemical oceanography, Global environmental changes, Isotope geochemistry

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65438


Research Group:Laboratory of Isotope Geochemistry

 Laboratory Website

Cheng-Chien Liu(Distinguished Professor)

Research Interests:Geospatial Information Science, Ocean optics, Remote sensing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65422


Research Group:Global Earth Observation and Data Analysis Center

 Personal Website

Ching-Wee Lin(Professor)

Research Interests:Surface geological processes such as landslide and debris flows Applications of remote sensing in geology including optical and SAR satellite imageries and LiDAR-derived DEM

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65427


Research Group:Laboratory of Structural Geology & Geol. Hazards

Wei-Teh Jiang(Professor)

Research Interests:Clay mineralogy, Electron Microscopy of Mineral Transitions, Environmental mineralogy, Ore Mineralogy, Sediment Diagenesis & Metamorphism

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65437


Research Group:Laboratory of Micro-Nano Mineral Science

 Laboratory Website

Ruey-Juin Rau(Professor)

Research Interests:Seismology

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65425


Research Group:Seismology Lab.

Charles Lin(Distinguished Professor)

Research Interests:Atmosphere-ionosphere coupling, Global Navigation Satellite System, Ionosphere modeling, Space weather

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65432


Research Group:Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Space Coupling

 Laboratory Website

Yen-Hua Chen(Professor)

Research Interests:CO2 Capture: clay minerals, Crystal Growth: nano-minerals, Porous materials Property Measurements for all kindsof minerals/materials

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65420


Research Group:Laboratory of Mineral Science and Technology

 Laboratory Website

En-Jui Lee(Professor)

Research Interests:Seismology

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65455


Research Group:Observational & Computational Seismology Lab.

Jennifer Kung(Associate Professor)

Research Interests:Pressure mineral physics, Vibrational spectroscopyhigh, X ray crystallography

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65434


Research Group:Mineral Physics Preparation Laboratory

 Laboratory Website

Ljegay.Rupeljengan(Associate Professor)

Research Interests:Earthquake Early Warning, Indigenous Science Education, Resistivity Imaging

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65436


Research Group:Laboratory of Earthquake Early Warning

 Laboratory Website

Guan-Wei Lin(Associate Professor)

Research Interests:Engineering Geology, Geomorphology, Hydrometric Survey, Natural Hazards

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65424


Research Group:Office of Earth Surface Processes and Engineering

Biqing Liang(Associate Professor)

Research Interests:Black carbon/biochar, Cyanobacteria, Stromatolite/microbialite

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65433


Research Group:Global Change Geobiology Lab

 Laboratory Website

Chia-Hung (Koichi) Chen(Associate Professor)

Research Interests:Data assimilation, Ionospheric physics, Space weather

TEL:886-6-2757575 ext. 65439


Research Group:Space Weather Lab