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Research Themes

The research themes of the Department of Earth Sciences cover the Global Environment, Mineral Technology and application, natural resource exploration, etc. The three interdisciplinary research directions can be divided into basic earth science and technology application:


(1)Basic Earth Sciences - Earth materials and its activities and evolution, global environmental change, seismology, geochemistry, oceanography, geological microbiology, geotectonic and hydrological and environmental geology analysis and all other basic researches.


(2)Application in science and technology - analysis of physical properties of minerals, gemstones and materials and synthesis processing, application of radioisotopes and stable isotopes in earth materials and marine science, investigation and control of natural disasters, investigation of engineering geology, hydrogeology and environmental pollution, water resources The development of conservation and planning and utilization, satellite information and geodetic surveys, geographic information system applications, etc., various aspects of the earth's material, marine and environmental science applications. In particular, in recent years, we have introduced talents and resources for satellite information applications, and cooperated with the Disaster Prevention Research Center and the Satellite Geoinformation Research Center to develop relevant technology applications and technology research and development.